Why Early PS4s Came With the Blue Light of Death at Startup

All in all, the PlayStation 4 has been a rousing success for Sony. Earlier this year, leaked sales figures revealed that it has outsold its chief competitor, the Xbox One, by a wide margin since the system was launched back in 2013. Ask most PS4 owners these days, and they’ll probably tell you that they’re more than satisfied with their purchase. When the system was first released however, some people were disappointed to find that their PS4 booted to the dreaded “blue light of death” right out of the box.

In many cases, this technical glitch rendered the systems unusable and forced PS4 owners to return their consoles for replacements.

Sony initially attributed the blue light of death to a number of potential issues including problems with power supplies, hard drives and compatibility issues with certain televisions.

They also offered a few troubleshooting tips such as updating your TV software and – you guessed it – turning the console off and back on again. Later on, Sony developed a more comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help people resolve issues with the blue light of death.

Of course, when you release a new console and sell more than 1 million units in a day, a few technical issues are bound to crop up. Unfortunately, the blue light of death proved to be a particularly frustrating and debilitating one.

Today, the blue light of death is not nearly as prevalent as it used to be, particularly for consoles out of the box.

That said, our technicians still repair their fair share of PS4s afflicted by the blue light of death. If you’re one of the unlucky few who runs into this problem, WhiteBox Service can help. Submit your repair order online, or give us a call today to learn more!

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