Should You Upgrade to the PS4 Pro?

Sony’s upgraded version of the PS4 has been out for a few months now, and you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth upgrading to the new-and-improved PS4 Pro. The answer to that question will depend largely on how you plan to use the console. For those of us who still game at 1080p, the original PlayStation 4 is still a very capable console. If you have aspirations beyond that, however, it might be worth considering an upgrade.

The PS4 Pro uses the same processor as the original PS4, but its clock speed has been boosted by about 30 percent. The graphics processing unit (GPU) in the PS4 Pro is also about twice as powerful as the one in the original PS4. So what do these hardware upgrades mean in practice?

Gaming in 4K

The big selling point of the PS4 Pro is that it will allow people with Ultra HD TVs to play games in 4K resolution. If you already own a 4K-compatible TV, this is a great reason to think about upgrading to the PS4 Pro. Otherwise, however, you’ll have to invest in a new TV to really get the most out of your new console. Bear in mind that the PS4 pro does not support 4K video playback from Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, either. You can game in 4K, but you can’t watch movies in 4K.

At 1080p you may notice improved framerates in some games, but this slight performance increase is probably not enough to justify buying a whole new console.

Improved PSVR Performance

The PS4 Pro was also designed with virtual reality in mind. While the new PSVR peripherals are compatible with both versions of Sony’s consoles, they perform better with the PS4 pro. In VR games, faster framerates can provide a more immersive experience and reduce feelings of motion sickness. If you’re ready to dive face first into the world of virtual reality, the PS4 pro can provide a more high-end VR experience. It also features an extra USB port, which is useful for charging the move motion controllers that are used in conjunction with the PSVR headset.

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