Is it Time to Upgrade to a Solid State Drive?

Just a few short years ago, purchasing a Solid State Drive (SSD) was a prohibitively expensive proposition for most consumers. Unless you were a power user who demanded exceptional performance from your computer, a traditional hard disk was the way to go. Nowadays, however, SSDs have become affordable enough to be included as a standard feature in many new laptops. You can typically pick up a quality 250Gb model for less than $100! If you’re still spinning a hard disk in your computer, an SSD might be a very good upgrade to make. Why?

They’re Far More Reliable

In addition to power supplies and batteries, hard disks are some of the most failure-prone components in computers. This is because they require complex mechanical moving parts, and because the act of writing new data with a needle wears away at the surface of the disk over time. SSDs on the other hand have no moving parts and as a result are far less likely to fail.

They’re Lightning Fast

In order to access and read stored data, a hard drive must physically move its arm around the disk. This can be a huge speed bottleneck in an otherwise powerful computer. In an SSD, all the data stored within is instantly within reach. This can greatly speed up boot speeds, load times and data transfers. SSDs can be as much as 100 times faster than traditional hard disks.

They’re Energy Efficient

Because they have no moving parts, SSD take far less power to run than hard drives. This generally means that they run cooler as well. This energy efficiency can be particularly beneficial for users who want to increase their laptops’ battery life. You might even save a little money on your monthly utility bill!

They’re Silent 

Tired of having your movie-watching experience soured by your humming, clicking hard drive? With a solid state drive, you’ll never have to worry about unwanted mechanical noises again. They remain dead silent no matter how hard the rest of your computer is working.

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