Choosing the Right Nextbook for Your Needs

In the market for a versatile new mobile computing device? The Nextbook line of tablet computers might be just what you’re looking for. These computers offer all the user-friendly touch functionality of a conventional tablet, without sacrificing the robust hardware and physical keyboard of a laptop. They’re also available in a number of different screen sizes – from ultra-portable 8’’ models to larger 11’’ models that are more reminiscent of a full-size laptop. The keyboards can also be easily removed when you don’t need them. But which Nextbook is right for you? You can start by choosing from the Ares or Flexx line of tablets.

Nextbook Ares

These tablets run the Android mobile operating system from Google, so they may be ideal if you already use an Android phone on a day-to-day basis. While some Ares models only offer Wi-Fi connectivity, the Ares ‘L’ series offers data plans on the Verizon network as well. Most Ares models offer 1GB of DDR3L RAM, but the new 11A model offers 2 gigs for extra multitasking power. They are available with either 16 or 64GB of onboard storage, and they feature Micro-SD slots that can add up to 128GB of additional storage. All of the Ares models feature vibrant IPS displays that look great from any angle. They’re powered by the Atom mobile processors from Intel.

Nextbook Flexx

The Flexx line of Nextbook tablets features many of the same hardware options as the Ares line, but with the Windows 10 operating system installed instead of Android. If you’re looking for a capable laptop replacement option, this might be your best bet. The Flexx line of Nextbooks puts the entire Windows 10 ecosystem in a remarkably small, portable package. Just like the Ares Nextbooks, these tablets also feature Micro-SD card slots to give you plenty of storage on the go. It’s important to note that the Nextbook Flexx tablets are not available in an option with a data plan, however. If you rely on a data plan to connect to the Internet, you should seriously consider the Nextbook Ares ‘L’ models instead.

Regardless of which Nextbook you choose, you can rest easy knowing that WhiteBox Service will be here to help in the event that anything goes wrong. We can typically fix most issues within 24 hours. Submit your repair order online, or give us a call today at (877) 927-2349 to learn more.

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