Is it Time to Upgrade to a Solid State Drive?

Just a few short years ago, purchasing a Solid State Drive (SSD) was a prohibitively expensive proposition for most consumers. Unless you were a power user who demanded exceptional performance from your computer, a traditional hard disk was the way to go. Nowadays, however, SSDs have become affordable enough to be included as a standard… Read more »

Maximizing the Life of Your Battery

We’ve all been there at some point: You’re nearly done with a project you’ve spent hours working on. Then, just as you’re about to put the finishing touches on everything, your screen goes black and your laptop falls silent. You panic, wondering how you could have forgotten to plug it in and hoping that you… Read more »

Troubleshooting Your Slow WiFi Connection

There are few things more frustrating than a wireless internet connection that suddenly comes to a screeching halt. Whether you’re working, gaming or just surfing the web, a slow WiFi connection can render your internet connection functionally useless. Before we start troubleshooting, however, first we need to make sure that the WiFi is really the… Read more »

Recycling Your Old Electronics

Thanks to the age of planned obsolescence, just about everyone has at least a few unwanted electronic relics taking up space in their homes. Whether it’s an old flip phone tucked away in a drawer, or a small museum of old computer towers and CRT monitors in the basement, you probably don’t have to look… Read more »