Repair By Category

Tablet Repair

Our team is familiar with phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Motorola and many other manufacturers. If your cell phone or tablet screen is cracked or the touch screen is not working properly, Don't worry...we'll get you back up and running with Grade A quality parts and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Most iPad screen repairs start at $129.90!

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iPhone / iPod Screen Repair

Have you ever cracked the screen on a brand new iPhone or an iPod Touch? Well, not to worry. With our Apple Certified Technicians on hand, not only can we get you back in action for a fraction of the cost you will be quoted elsewhere, but we can usually do it in one business day (yep we’re that good).

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Pro Sound Repair

To service the musicians that have come looking for help, we have built a dedicated pro audio equipment department. Amps, effects equipment, mixing equipment, electronic keyboards, and of course speakers are all in our wheelhouse. We are the only authorized service/repair facility in the United States for TC Electronics and all of its partners.

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Computer/Gaming systems.

Today’s laptops are so fast and so versatile that the average user traditionally holds on to theirs longer than in years past. Since we were the experts at getting your TV up and running again, this was an easy, natural progression for us. Laptops, desktops, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Apple or PC, we do it all.

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LCD / TV Repair.

No matter the make or the model, the Lifetime Service Center can get your TV back up and running in no time. Boasting a Class 1000 clean room and over 50 certified technicians, Lifetime is the #1 leader in television repair.

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Appliance Repair.

We strategically stayed out of the white good repair field for many years, but today’s refrigeration systems, washer dryers, ovens and cooktops (and especially coffee makers), are typically controlled electronically. We can have a tech in your neighborhood before caffeine withdrawal sets in.

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